Torturing animals, illegally using agricultural land to be punishable

animals, using agricultural land for illegal purposes and destroying houses can
now lead to years of imprisonment and fines of millions of rupees.

The Interior Ministry introduced on
Saturday a new draft consisting of stricter punishments for multiple crimes.

According to the draft, destroying or
harming agricultural produce will lead to seven years in prison and a fine of
Rs1 million. The arrest of the suspect will not require a warrant, it stated.

Any person involved in torturing animals,
especially beasts of burden i.e. horses, donkeys, elephants and camels will be
punished. Poisoning or killing them will lead to 10 years in jail and a fine of
Rs1 million.

The draft said that no one could enter a
person’s house without permission. Upon doing so, they will be subjected to a
year in prison and Rs100,000 fine. Similarly, destroying a person’s house can
now lead to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs1 million.

“All these actions do not require the
police to have an arrest warrant,” the draft suggested.

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