Peshawar organisation gives drug users a makeover

A non-profit organisation in Peshawar that works on rehabilitation of
drug users had a surprise for them on Tuesday.

Volunteers rounded up drug users from the streets and footpaths and gave them haircuts, shaved their beards and provided them with new clothes. After personal grooming, they were given baths and served biryani for lunch.

idea behind this was to make them feel good about themselves and encourage them
to change their ways.

free medical camp was also set up where drug users had a general check-up and
were given medicines.

“We are also collecting data on the number of drug addicts in the city,” said a volunteer from the organisation IM Volunteer on SAMAA TV’s show Naya Din on Tuesday.

anti-narcotics force is part of this initiative and the government is also
supporting us, he added.

A survey conducted recently showed that Peshawar has 5,000 drug users of which 1,000 are children.

“We are grateful to be seen from a different perspective and given dignity,” said a man after his makeover.

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