Lahore woman grows vegetables on rooftop and earns from it

Shahnaz Akhter from Lahore has transformed her rooftop into a vegetable garden
and she gets paid for it.

“Gardening and planting was something I
loved since I was a child,” she told SAMAA
. “I was always particularly interested in salad leaves, now I grow then
and earn from them as well,” she said.

Akhter grows more than 200 different
types of salad leaves and other vegetables. She consumes the fresh produce
herself and even sells it to friends and relatives.

“The fresh vegetables are not just good
in taste but are also very healthy,” she said.

The seventy-year-old’s garden is not a luxurious one, but has been built with recycled items. The plants are grown in wooden boxes and plastic utensils. She makes it a point not to waste any water while she’s watering the plants, instead, she stores them in plastic bottles and uses them later.

These plants and vegetables are like my children, Akhter said. “My garden on the rooftop has brought me closer to nature and its beauty,” she added.

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