Kashmir avalanche death toll rises to 67, Balochistan to 25

The death toll in the Kashmir avalanche has risen to 67. Dozens of houses and shops have been destroyed in a series of landslides that hit the Neelum Valley on Tuesday.

Of these, 10 deaths were reported on Monday after a
snowstorm battered the valley in Azad Kashmir.

Multiple people
are still missing and several roads to the valley have been cut off due to
heavy snowfall. Due to the blocked roads, it is difficult for rescue teams to
reach the avalanche sites.

Residents of
the area have begun working to rescue people from beneath the debris

Forty-two people were injured and 47 houses had been
destroyed in the avalanche. Seventy-eight other houses were affected, while
seven cars, three motorcycles, and a mosque had been damaged.

The snowstorm also affected the power supply and
communication systems.

Teams of the Pakistan Army, Rescue 1122 and SDMA are facing
difficulties working because of the poor condition of the roads. A Pakistan
Army helicopter has airlifted around 10 people to a hospital in Muzzaffarabad.


Snow in
Balochistan has broken 30-year-old records. In four days of rain and snow, 25
people have been killed and 32 injured.

Among the
injured is the Mastung deputy commissioner.

In some
areas, thousands of people have been stranded because of the inclement weather.
Many areas are unreachable by road.

Kalat has
received three feet of snow, with temperatures dropping to -13 degrees Celsius.

The Balochistan
government says it is using helicopters to distribute rations and other
materials to people.

Pakistan is currently facing record-breaking temperatures as
a cold wave tightens it grips across the country.

In Azad Kashmir, heavy snow has been reported in Neelum
Valley. Major roads in the area have been closed due to the snow. Srinagar,
Skardu, Gilgit, Hunza, Chitral and other areas in the mountains are also snowed
in. It has also snowed in Swat.

Prime Minister
Imran Khan will visit Kashmir today (Wednesday) where he will meet the families
of victims. He will also oversee the relief work.

Chief of
Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa has directed the army to cooperate with
the civil administration in Kashmir and Balochistan.

The UK has
offered assistance to those affected. UKAID is in contact with the NDMA.

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