Karachi shopkeeper arrested for selling overpriced hand sanitisers

A shopkeeper was arrested for selling hand sanitisers at inflated prices in Karachi on Monday.

The arrest was made because of a violation of Section 144 of
the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Grocery stores across the country are running out of hand
sanitiser and face masks as the number of people affected by the coronavirus in
Pakistan has increased to 183.

People have been advised to use hand sanitiser to safeguard
themselves from the pandemic.

A day earlier, Boat Basin police had raided a pharmacy in
Dolmen Mall, Clifton and arrested a shopkeeper who was allegedly selling
sanitisers at more than four times the original market price.

On Monday, the Defence police arrested another shopkeeper
and seized 288 bottles of sanitiser from his possession.

He was identified as Harris. The shopkeeper was selling a bottle
for Rs1,000.

A case has been registered.

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