Educational institutes to remain closed across Pakistan till May 31

Educational institutes in Pakistan will remain closed until May 31, Planning Minister Asad Umar said Thursday.

The decision comes as Pakistan grapples with the coronavirus
pandemic. The known cases of the virus in Pakistan have exceeded 1,000, with
eight deaths reported so far.

Umar, along with other cabinet members and officials, was
addressing the media in Islamabad on the steps taken to contain the pandemic.

He said the government was acting under a national strategy
to contain the pandemic. Travel restrictions were imposed to stem its spread,
the minister said, describing it as their “best weapon”.

He praised health professionals for their vanguard role in
the fight against the virus.

“Provinces and political parties are working
together,” Umar said. “The prime minister is going to make same major
announcements in a day or two.”

Regarding the flour price hike, he said it increased because
of panic buying.

“Wheat reserves are abundant and there’s no shortage of
flour in the country,” the minister said.

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